If you are working in the field, do not underestimate the value medical exhibitions can bring.

We like them for several reasons:

  • You have a great opportunity to show your products to future customers
  • It is a unique opportunity to gain trust from future buyers
  • It is a great marketing platform. Be sure to promote your business, so people walking by know exactly what you sell, and your company’s name.
  • You can spy on the upcoming trends in your industry
  • You can engage with your competitors, and build relations

Especially the last reason why we like medical exhibitions is usually underrated.

Many companies tend to look at their competitors only as rivals – with good reason. You are competing for customers.

However, you can learn a lot from them. Also, it pays off to have a good relationship.

Have you ever refused an order, because an item was out of stock?

It is a plausible scenario in this field.

Great relationships with competitors, allows you to arrange a dropshipping deal together, where you split the profits.

Yes, we understand that you just gave half of your profit to a competitor. But the competitor just gave you a sale, and perhaps a returning customer. A small profit is better than no profit.

Furthermore, you can discuss strategies, sales channels and common threats in the industry. This should be approached with care, but well-established business connections can be very beneficial. And medical exhibitions are a great opportunity to build relations with your rivals.

The LBN Medical top 5 Medical Exhibitions to visit

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1. Medica – Düsseldorf, Germany (Europe)

The MEDICA is a medical exhibition with accompanying congress. It takes place annually in mid-November, in a German city Düsseldorf.

Back in 1968 MEDICA started with the objective of becoming a regional fair for medical and hospital supplies. Today, MEDICA is the largest and most significant medical trade fair in the world. Every year about 5500 exhibitors from more than 70 countries participate, attracting over 100.000 visitors.

It is a great place for people in the industry of medical imaging equipment. But also electromedicine, physiotherapy, laboratory equipment, information technology, and commodities within the medical field.

Read about LBN Medical at Medica Tradefair 2015.

2. Arab Health – Dubai, United Arabic Emirates (Asia)

Arab Health is a trade show and healthcare conference. The event takes place in Dubai at the end of January each year, and have been held since 1975. It is currently held at the Dubai International Convention Centre.

Expansions in 2010 have set the scene for an astonishing 4,000 exhibitors, 11,000 delegates and 95,000 expected visitors. This gives Arab Health the title of the second largest medical convention in the world.

Arab Health aims to cover a broad spectrum of medical specialties but focus on primarily radiology, surgery, laboratory, and patient-centered care.

Medical exhibitions

LBN Medical at Arab Health 2017

3. RSNA – Chicago, United States of America (Northern America)

Radiological Society of North America – RSNA. Due to the fact that I work in the radiology industry, my opinion is definitely biased – but RSNA is worth a check if you are operating within this industry.

RSNA is an international event taking place the last Sunday of November in Chicago. A total of 700 exhibitors shows their products, inventions and latest news for approximately 30,000 visitors.

If you operate within the field of medical imaging equipment, this medical exhibition is a must. Whether you develop contrast agents, sell refurbished medical imaging equipment, or are a service agent in radiology equipment – RSNA is the place for you to be.

4. CMEF – Shanghai, Shenzen, Wuhan or Guangdong, China (Asia)

China International Medical Equipment Fair – CMEF. This event is considered the leading healthcare trade show in China. It is currently the largest medical equipment convention in Asia.

The fair takes place in October, at one of the largest Chinese metropolises, but the location varies.

The number of visitors and exhibitors depends on location. In 2015 when Shangai was hosting the CMEF, more than 2000 exhibitors and 60,000 visitors formed the setting for a successful convention.

The main objective of CMEF is medical devices within surgery, radiology, ophthalmology, laboratory equipment and nursing. However, exhibitors in categories such as medical vehicles (ambulances, motorcycles), information technology, healing devices and more. This is definitely one of the medical exhibitions you should attend if you are covering any of these subjects and want to explore and expand your Asian markets.

5. Hospitalar – Sao Paolo, Brazil (Latin America)

Hospitalar is the largest medical fair in Latin America, which is why I think it belongs in this article.

It takes place in May in São Paulo in Brazil. Hospitalar takes care of 1,200 exhibitors and more than 90,000 visitors during the event. Since 2000 the management of Hospitalar has cooperated with MEDICA to arrange the best possible fair.

Furthermore, the fair is granted the Certified Trade Show diploma from the United States Department of Commerce. Hospitalar gives businessmen the opportunity to take a slice of the growing market in Latin America. They aim to cover a wide portion of the industry, with exhibitors from branches like laboratory equipment, orthopedics, physiotherapy, information technology, consumables, surgery, hospital equipment, and more.

If you want to get your business going in the Latin American market, Hospitalar can be the answer.

So, to which medical exhibitions are you going?

If you want to meet us, feel free to send us an email. We are also attending smaller medical exhibitions or fairs, not listed in this top 5. We are always happy to meet up with customers, visitors, competitors, and colleagues. Send us an email on info@lbnmedical.com and we will reply as fast as our keyboard allows us to write!

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