In the video below, the previous sales director of LBN Medical, Peter Moldrup, shared some insights about LBN Medical. We like to operate by four key parameters: Availability, Price, Knowledge, and Trust.

What do these parameters stand for, how does LBN Medical handle them, and why are they important to you as a customer?


LBN Medical has a large warehouse of more than 2000 m2 (21.500 square feet). We have the space to host a large range of medical imaging equipment in big quantities. Furthermore, we have a dedicated sourcing department.

They handle two important purposes: Finding the exact machine a customer is asking for and bulk buying the best machines, to secure the best price for our customers.


At LBN Medical we refurbish all machines, that require refurbishment. We always test all machines before they leave the warehouse, to assure it is in a great condition. When the machine is fully functional, it ensures a fast return on investment.

Buying from LBN Medical is often described as a smooth process. The machine is ready to generate revenue and treat patients from the day it arrives.

As mentioned above, we have a sourcing department dedicated to finding great offers in the market, and buy in bulk, to make sure our customers get the best products at the best price. A combination of these parameters makes LBN Medical a very attractive company to team up with.


At LBN Medical we invest heavily in skill-building and education of our employees. It is important for us to give our customers a satisfactory experience when dealing with LBN Medical. That includes right guidance and correct answers to any questions that may arise.


Trust is to say what we do, and do what we say. When dealing with refurbished medical imaging equipment, there are always questions about quality, durability, shipment, and installation.

At LBN Medical we have strict procedures to document everything and notice the customers about any given event regarding their orders. We crate the equipment safely, can take care of tax declaration as well as installation. If any issue occurs, our customer handling service will do its best to take care of any situation. We believe in customer satisfaction – a happy customer is a retrieving customer.


Would you like to learn more about our company? Then watch our Company Presentation video.

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