At LBN Medical we want to support all customers with every need worldwide. Our strong sales and technical team understand that each customer has unique requirements and we do our utmost to find the best solution to meet those needs.

Besides buying and selling used/refurbished medical equipment to clinics and hospitals, we have finished several mobile projects on request of our customers.

Mobile medical units come in all shapes and sizes to match customer needs and space of the clinic or hospital and can be useful in additional examples:

–  Rental periods on a long or short term agreement while replacing existing units at your clinic.

–  Mobile units can provide extra capacity to eliminate long waiting lists.

–  Stationary unit located close to your clinic in case of lack of space.

–  Moveable unit used among several clinics based on needs for local treatment in order to cover a larger area.

–  Minor clinics and hospitals with variable demands are able to save money with a mobile medical unit instead of buying new and expensive equipment.
LBN Medial can also assist you with transport and installation of your new mobile medical equipment. In cooperation with our own professional logistics department and technical staff and high-skilled technical business partners from all over the world it is possible to do the full transport and installation at your location.
If you have any request regarding any mobile medical equipment, please contact our sales department via to find out if you can challenge us on your own mobile project.

Please look at the pictures below to see some of the mobile projects we have realized for our customers.

Mobile Mammography with the newest digital equipment installed as a complete mobile clinic in a new truck.

Refurbished Toshiba Asterion CT unit installed as a complete mobile clinic in refurbished trailer.

Refurbished Siemens MR unit installed as a complete mobile clinic in refurbished trailer.

The installation was done in cooperation with our technical staff, Siemens staff and the hospital, who had prepared the ground outside the hospital.

Diagnostic equipment delivered by LBN Medical has enabled opening of a medical center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Centrul Medical Transilvania is the first Danish investment in the medical system in Romania, the total value of which is estimated to be over 3 million EUR. Dr. Khaled Arif (living in Denmark), who completed his studies in Romania found the necessary capital and decided to invest in where he studied. Partnership with LBN Medical enabled the opening of this medical center.

“The main benefit for the patients is the early diagnostics on an affordable price. Centrul Medical Transilvania provides the necessary laboratory investigations as well as medical imaging services with modern, high performance, ultrasound, mammography, CT and MRI equipment”, says Dr. Julie Opincaru, medical director of the center, that was inaugurated in May 2011.

Center’s medical team consists of 28 physicians, licensed in radiology and imaging technology and nurses with specialization experience from Denmark, Norway and France, most of them being graduates of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj- Napoca.

Would you like to know more about this clinic or are you interested in building your own medical center you are welcome to contact the MRI Business Manager Lars Braun Nielsen at

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